What is a star map poster?

Remember the special day that changed your life or makes you feel good every time you bring those memories back? The stars were aligned in a unique pattern at that extraordinary moment.

The star pattern in the sky will never repeat. Our planet Earth constantly rotates, and our planet orbits around Sun. All our Solar System moves through space in the Milky Way galaxy together with other stars and planets. And they never stop. In space, all objects are in motion. Because of this movement stars, that we see in the sky will never be in the same spot again.

A personalized star map snaps the sky on a specific date, time, and location. Every star map poster is personalized because no two events in life are the same.

Given a location (e.g., a city), date, and time of the day, we can calculate the exact celestial location of all the stars and constellations in that very moment, using astronomical algorithms. We then project these stars onto a map and print it to serve as a memento of your special moment. For example, first dates, wedding days, or birthdays.